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Margo Hanson (24)
Magic student, excellent hostess, high queen of a country previously thought to only exist in children's literature.
I like a variety of people, so it's useless trying to tell you who does and doesn't fit in here, but if you think you're going to bore me you probably shouldn't even try.


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Eudio App

Mar. 20th, 2017 12:11 am
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NAME: Bridget
AGE: 32
CONTACT: bridgetvanzandt@gmail.com or bgidget on Plurk
CHARACTERS PLAYED: Dutch Velders, Allison Argent


NAME: Margo Hanson
CANON: The Magicians
AGE: 24
CANON POINT: Season 2 Episode 8, Word As Bond

BACKGROUND: http://themagicians.wikia.com/wiki/TV:Margo_Hanson
INCENTIVE: Margo has agreed to stay in Eudio for a time and participate in whatever activities are required of her as long as magic and balance are restored to her kingdom, Fillory, which is currently experiencing a slow drain in magic and a war with the neighboring kingdom of Loria.
FIT: Considering she and her best friend spend their spring breaks in Ibiza at a festival that opens with a celebration that includes an orgy, Margo is a perfect fit in Eudio. She is not afraid of affection and physical contact. She loves sex. Sometimes she uses sex as a way to manipulate and control others, but it is also entertainment and recreation for her.
CONSENT: Margo has never broken consent before. She’s had sex under sketchy circumstances, though. Due to a spell, she and a couple friends were very highly emotional. In that extremely emotional state, they had a threesome which they probably never would have had in a sober state of mind. Consent is actually very important to Margo. She has mentioned it in canon, having turned down a royal marriage because she doesn’t think the prince or his royal court value consent and she can see the situation turning out badly because of it.
SAMPLES: https://bakerstreet.dreamwidth.org/3999162.html?thread=1845643450#cmt1845643450



ANYTHING ELSE? Margo is a witch who has trained at an elite magical institute. Her specialty is physical magic meaning that she is best at manipulating physical matter. In Eudio she will not be able to control people's minds, this I know, but will she be able to control lesser beings like animals? On her show when witches train briefly at the south pole they learn mind control they can use on lesser beings like animals. I assume everything else she knows like levitation, fire, unlocking locks, location spells, etc will be allowed since it doesn't interfere with anyone's free will. Let me know if this isn't okay!

With her, Margo will be bringing a suitcase of clothing, a rather thick book of spells stolen from her school's library, and, though she won't be wearing it, her crown.


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